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My Solar Company Is Out Of Business & I Need Service

My Solar Company Is Out Of Business & I Need Service


While solar power provides plenty of promise in terms of saving energy costs while reducing our environmental impact, the companies involved are ultimately businesses at the end of the day. Unfortunately, this means that they can eventually close for a wide variety of reasons.

When a solar company goes out of business, it can leave former customers in a difficult position—especially those who rely on their solar systems for energy efficiency and cost savings.

To help ensure your preparation for a worst-case scenario that we hope never happens, we’ll address the key concerns that can arise in these kinds of situations.

Who Will Service My Solar System Now?

Finding out that your solar company went out of business can be a nightmare, but taking immediate steps can help guarantee that your solar system continues to function efficiently for many years to come.

The first step you need to take is to identify new solar service providers who can take over the maintenance and repair of your system.

Begin by exploring alternative solar system service providers, including local electricians, other solar companies, and specialized solar maintenance firms. These professionals can offer the expertise needed to keep your system running smoothly.

Local electricians with experience in solar installations can be a good starting point. On top of this, other solar companies in your area may offer services to customers who are affected by a solar company out of business service situation.

When you’re looking for solar maintenance options, you should consider using online platforms that list and review solar service providers. Websites such as SolarReviews or Yelp can provide customer feedback on various providers to help you make an informed decision. Try to look for companies with strong reviews and testimonials from other solar system owners.

Certifications are another important factor to consider when choosing a new solar service provider. Ensure that the providers you consider are certified by reputable organizations such as the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). This indicates that the technician has met high industry standards and possesses the necessary skills and knowledge.

Finally, make sure to verify the experience of the solar system repair options you are considering. Providers with a proven track record in handling systems similar to yours are more likely to offer reliable and effective services.

How Do I Know If My Solar System Is Working?

You should perform regular solar system performance checks to guarantee that your solar system is working properly and running at its best.

Begin by understanding the basics of monitoring your solar system’s performance through solar panel monitoring tools and techniques. Key indicators of a functioning solar system include consistent power output and the absence of error messages.

Regularly checking solar energy output will help you identify any discrepancies. Inverters play an essential role in this process by converting the DC electricity generated by your panels into AC electricity for home use. Most inverters have display screens or indicators showing real-time performance data.

Utilize online monitoring tools provided by your solar installer or inverter manufacturer. These tools allow you to conduct a thorough solar system performance check remotely, offering detailed insights into your system’s status. Analyzing this data can help you identify issues like reduced output or system errors.

When troubleshooting solar systems, try to start with basic steps. Check all connections to guarantee that they’re secure and intact, and clean your solar panels regularly to remove any dirt or debris that could affect performance.

If you notice any persistent issues, refer to your user manual for specific guidance on how to test solar panels and resolve the more common problems you may encounter.

Is My Solar Energy Still Free?

Net metering is a system that allows you to earn credits on your electricity bill for the excess solar energy your system produces and sends back to the grid.

It can help significantly enhance solar energy cost savings by reducing the amount you owe on your electricity bills. Properly understanding solar energy bills is an important step in helping you maximize the savings that you can get.

However, even with the free solar energy benefits provided by net metering, there may still be expenses related to system maintenance and repairs. It's essential to carefully account for each of these costs when calculating your overall solar system ROI.

The impact of solar company closure on energy savings can be significant. If your original provider goes out of business, it may affect the financial benefits you receive, including potential changes in billing or loss of certain warranties.

It's important to reassess your system's performance and maintenance needs to continue reducing costs and exploring alternative service providers for ongoing support.

What Happens to My Solar Warranties?

Solar systems typically come with three types of warranties: equipment, installation, and performance.

Equipment warranties cover the solar panels and other hardware, guaranteeing their defect-free condition. Installation warranties guarantee the quality of the installation work, while performance warranties ensure that the system will produce a certain amount of energy over its lifetime.

Handling solar warranties can become challenging when a solar company goes out of business.

During this turbulent time, solar panel warranty issues may arise, including potential voiding or complications with warranty coverage after company closure. If the company that issued the warranties is no longer in business, these warranties may become void, or their transferability might be uncertain.

To help you address these concerns, take the following steps to verify the status of your warranties. First, try to contact the manufacturers of your solar equipment directly, as they often provide solar equipment warranty claims independently of the installer. Go ahead and check if the manufacturer honors the warranty, even if the installer is out of business.

You should also take the time to explore third-party warranty providers who specialize in solar system warranty transfer and coverage. These companies can offer protection plans that cover gaps left by the original installer’s closure.

Taking these steps can help guarantee that your solar system remains protected despite the original company’s closure, protecting your initial investment while maintaining your solar installation's benefits.

My Solar Project Isn't Complete: How Do I Get My Meter?

If your solar installation has been left unfinished and your company has gone out of business, completing solar installation quickly becomes a top priority. Begin by reviewing your contractual obligations to understand the terms and what was left incomplete.

To start the solar meter installation process, you’ll need to contact your utility company. Inform them about your situation and request guidance on getting a solar meter after the company closes.

The utility company typically requires information such as your system's specifications, permits, and previous inspection records. Be prepared to provide all relevant documentation to help facilitate the process.

Next, resolving incomplete solar installations involves contacting other solar companies. These companies can help finish the installation and ensure that it meets all necessary regulations and standards. Try to look for reputable providers with experience handling unfinished solar projects.

For some added assurance, consider having the new company inspect the entire system, not just the unfinished parts. This comprehensive check can help identify potential issues and guarantee that your system is fully operational.

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