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Solar Power Brands We Work With

At Solar Me, we understand that the reliability and quality of your system is a big part of achieving your energy independence. That's why select your system’s components from the top manufacturers. From the solar panels to the battery backups and right down to the screws we use, our rigorous selection process ensures that these products are reliable and long-lasting so you can enjoy the freedom of clean energy for years to come.

Solar Panel Manufacturers We Work With

From superior performance to efficient designs, we work with the best in the business to bring you optimal solar solutions.

  • Q-Cell Solar Panels

    Qcell is one of the top solar panel producers in the world, providing cutting-edge technology for residential and commercial applications.

    Their Q. Tron solar panels are an excellent option for places with restricted space and they come with a 25-year warranty, while their Q. Antum Duo Z panels have zero-gap interconnections that maximize power production, making them an attractive, cost-effective, and eco-friendly option.

    With an efficiency rating between 18% and 20.6%, these panels are perfect for getting the most out of your solar power system without going over budget.

  • REC Solar Panels

    Recently recognized as a top performer in the DNV-GL Module Reliability Scorecard, REC guarantees quality with its low failure claim rate and offers one of the best warranties on the market.

    Their Protrust Warranty covers labor costs of any repair work for up to 25 years on installations under 25 kilowatts (kW). For buildings from 25 to 500kW, the warranty lasts for ten years.

    REC promises top-notch quality by conducting internal tests that are three times more rigorous than industry standards. With their groundbreaking half-cut solar cell technology, REC solar panels provide reliable, cost-effective renewable energy for homes or businesses.

  • Panasonic Solar Panels

    For over four decades, Panasonic has been at the forefront of the solar energy industry, crafting solar panel systems renowned for their reliability and efficiency. They capture more sunlight than most, and their water drainage system prevents rain accumulation, guaranteeing unhindered performance.

    Boasting a 22.2% efficiency, and one of the lowest panel degradation rates in the business, Panasonic confidently backs its products with a 25-year warranty. Depending on the series, customers can expect at least 86%-92% of their original output by the end of the warranty term.

  • Phono Solar Panels

    Sumec Phono Solar is renowned for its high-efficiency, cost-effective solar PV product lines that are designed to meet the needs of homeowners. With a 15-year product warranty for standard panels and a 20-year warranty for its Diamond Dual Glass models, Sumec Phono Solar has become a reliable option for quality and affordability.

    Furthermore, the company employs corrosion resistance features in its panels - an appealing feature for those who live in coastal areas. Established in 2008, the company boasted a 120-megawatt production line that quickly expanded to 200 megawatts. Sumec Phono Solar is among the selected tier-one manufacturers by Bloomberg, a position they've maintained for nine years.

  • SilFab Solar Panels

    Silfab Solar Panels are designed with the North American climate in mind and are distributed through local partners to guarantee quality and expert installation. Their ultra-high-performing premium PV modules achieve maximum power output, excellent energy yields, and the highest efficiency (up to 19.4%) with the help of Back Contact technology. 

    On top of that, Silfab offers an outstanding warranty which includes a 25-year product workmanship warranty and a 30-year performance warranty, granting customers extra peace of mind. These solar panels are perfect for all solar installations, from ground mounts to roof-top and everything in between.

Solar Battery Backup Manufacturers We Work With

We work with leading solar battery manufacturers to ensure a reliable power supply even when the sun doesn’t shine.

  • Generac PWRcell

    Generac has been at the forefront of backup power generation for over half a century. In recent years, the company has focused its expertise on clean energy implementation with the launch of its leading product, the Generac PWRcell.

    This solar home battery, compatible with most rooftop solar panels, has robust features and is a formidable rival for Tesla Powerwall. The PWRcell has an impressive round-trip efficiency of 96.5%, reflecting a minimal energy loss of only 3.5%.

    Homeowners can configure the PWRcell to fit their needs, with the smallest system having a storage capacity of 9 kWh thanks to 3 battery modules. In comparison, other high-capacity systems on the market sport 18 battery modules and can store up to 36 kWh.

  • Enphase Energy Storage System

    Enphase Storage is a powerful energy storage system that can provide households with backup power during power outages or grid disconnections. It seamlessly weaves redundancies, backups, and monitoring into a unified ecosystem, providing invaluable protection against natural disasters that often cause major power outages.

    The latest offering from Enphase, the powerful IQ 5P, is designed with reliability in mind and comes with a generous 10-year warranty. This energy storage system allows homeowners to customize their energy needs, giving them greater control over their consumption and energy bills.

  • Tesla Powerwall

    Tesla's Powerwall models are top-of-the-line energy storage systems. They have a capacity of 13.5 kWh, 100% depth of discharge, and a long-lasting lithium-ion battery with a high power density.

    Available in the Powerwall 2, retrofitted to most existing solar panel systems, or the Powerwall+, which comes with a built-in solar inverter ideal for new installations, these models offer style and innovative technology inherited from Tesla's electric vehicles.

    The long-term durability of the Powerwall models is also assured with a 10-year warranty. With Powerwall, you can store solar energy throughout the day for use at night, providing clean off-grid power.

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NJ Solar Projects We Completed

Residential Solar Panel Installation Project in Bernardsville, NJ

Residential Solar Panel Installation Project in Bernardsville, NJ

  • Manufacturer: HANWHA
  • Number of Panels: 26
  • Kilowatts: 9.36kW
  • Installation Date: 4/27/2022
Somerset NJ Solar Panel System Installation Project

Somerset NJ Solar Panel System Installation Project

  • Manufacturer: Hanwha Q.PEAK DUO
  • Number of Panels: 20
  • Kilowatts: 6.8kW
  • Installation Date:  09/29/2020
  • Time of Installation: 4 days
Pitman NJ Solar Panel System Installation Project

Pitman NJ Solar Panel System Installation Project

  • Manufacturer: Hanwha
  • Number of Panels: 17
  • Kilowatts: 5.355kW
  • Installation Date: 09/17/2019
Residential Solar Panel System Installation Project in Flemington, New Jersey

Residential Solar Panel System Installation Project in Flemington, New Jersey

  • Manufacturer: SILFAB
  • Number of Panels: 48
  • Kilowatts: 19.2kW
  • Installation Date: 06/21/2023

New Egypt NJ Solar Installation

New Egypt NJ Solar Installation

  • Manufacturer: Hanwha 400
  • Number of Panels: 54
  • Kilowatts: 21.6kW
  • Installation Date: 01/30/23
Marlboro NJ Solar Panel System Installation Project

Marlboro NJ Solar Panel System Installation Project

  • Manufacturer: Hanwha Q.PEAK
  • Number of Panels: 27
  • Kilowatts: 10.8kW
  • Installation Date: 12/10/2021
  • Time of Installation: 1 day
City of Orange, New Jersey Solar Panels Installation Project

City of Orange, New Jersey Solar Panels Installation Project

  • Manufacturer: HANWHA
  • Number of Panels: 56
  • Kilowatts: 22.4kW
  • Installation Date: 8/4/2022

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    Such a fantastic company to deal with! It’s refreshing to experience a company so invested in what they do and the satisfaction of their customers. Thank you everyone SolarMe!

    Mauro Desa
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    I spoke with about eight solar companies before going forward with SolarME. I chose SolarME because they seemed to be the most professional and knowledgeable - there was no pushy sales tactics.

    They kept me informed along the way, organized a roof replacement that was completed by a very professional sub-contractor, and the solar install itself looks great and was very smooth. Literally everyone I've spoken to from the company has been professional and knowledgeable.

    Highly recommend.

    Nick Blitterswyk
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    From beginning to end, I had nothing but a great experience using Solar Me.  They took care of all the heavy lifting and made the entire process easy to follow along and understand.  Excellent communication, and very fast follow up to any and all questions I had, even once the work was complete.  I am more than happy to recommend/refer Solar Me to ANYONE thinking of investing in solar for their own property.

    Seth H.