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New Jersey Solar Renewable Energy Credit Management Services | The “Green” of Your Solar Power

Discover how our SREC management service gives you all the rewards of producing your own solar electricity with less hassle and less worry.

Solar Financing Options We Provide

  • Ownership / Cash Purchase

    • Higher Upfront Cost

      Purchasing a solar system requires a significant upfront investment.

    • Maintenance

      As the owner, you’ll be responsible for maintenance and repairs.

    • No Monthly Payments

      Once you’ve paid for the system, there are no monthly payments (other than any loan payments if you financed the purchase).

    • Ownership Benefits

      You can take advantage of government incentives, rebates, and tax credits. You may also increase the value of your home.

    • Energy Savings

      All the energy savings go directly to you, potentially offsetting the initial cost over time

    • Selling Your Home

      If you sell your home, the solar system is a selling point and may increase your home’s value.

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  • Best Option

    Solar Loan

    • Flexible Payment Options

      With financing choices ranging from cash payments to specialized solar loans from banks such as FiBank, there's a suitable option for various financial standings.

    • Swift Application Process

      The loan application is streamlined, often providing decisions in as quick as 30 seconds.

    • Adjustable Loan Terms

      Depending on your needs, loan terms span from 7 to 25 years, granting flexibility in repayment.

    • Varied Interest Rates

      The rates differ based on the term selected and potential contractor fees.

    • Full Ownership Benefits

      Despite financing, you fully own the solar system, making you eligible for government incentives, rebates, and tax credits.

    • Increase in Home Value

      As with outright purchases, the installation can enhance the value of your home, offering benefits should you decide to sell.

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  • Solar Lease /

    • Lower Upfront Cost

      Leasing often requires little to no upfront cost, making it more accessible for many people.

    • Maintenance

      The leasing company generally takes care of maintenance and repairs, which can be a significant advantage if any issues arise.

    • Fixed Monthly Payments

      You’ll pay a fixed monthly lease payment to the solar company.

    • No Ownership

      You won’t own the system; the leasing company does. This means you may not have the right to claim any government incentives or rebates.

    • Transfer of Lease

      If you sell your home, you’ll either have to pay off the lease or the new homeowner will have to agree to take over the lease.

    • Energy Rate Consistency

      With a lease, you often lock in a consistent energy rate, safeguarding against potential energy price hikes in your locality

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Best Time to Go Solar

What Are SRECs in NJ?

In New Jersey, SREC stands for Solar Renewable Energy Certificate. You may also hear it referred to as a Solar Renewable Energy Credit. That’s because the program is managed at the state level and different states use similar names for their programs, and in some states the “C” in SREC does stand for “Credits”.

In New Jersey, an SREC is created when a solar panel system generates 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) or 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity. So, for every megawatt you produce, you get a credit, even if you’re the one using the electricity.

The Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) program requires that a certain percentage of electricity sold in New Jersey be generated from renewable sources. Rather than invest renewable energy projects themselves - which can take years and cost millions to build and maintain - the utility companies are happy to buy the credits for the energy you produce.

To support these transactions, SRECs are tracked through the PJM-GATS (Generation Attribute Tracking System) registry and can be traded just like stocks on Wall Street between parties.

As a renewable energy producer, every SRECs you produce can be sold into this marketplace and the revenues can be used to offset the investment you made in your solar panel system.

Our SREC Services

  • Registration in the Program

    As with any government program, there’s a tedious registration process that we take care of for you. We’ll fill out all the forms for SREC program registration, ensuring you're seamlessly enrolled and set up to start selling your credits.

  • System Monitoring

    Our cutting-edge technology and solar energy management app track your system's performance, guaranteeing that every kilowatt-hour produced is accounted for and you get every SREC you’re owed.

  • Advising & Consulting

    We keep you well-informed about market trends, policy changes, and strategic opportunities. With our consulting prowess, you'll make choices that amplify your SREC gains.

  • Managing Your SRECs

    ​​We optimize your SREC market portfolio to maximize the value of your solar investment. From tracking to trading, we’ll optimize your SREC revenue stream.

Best Time to Go Solar

Commercial NJ SREC Management Services

Effortlessly navigate the process of Commercial SREC Management with us. From overseeing SRECs for large-scale commercial and industrial sites to facilitating transfers for real estate agents, we cover it all.

Start Realizing Your SREC’s Revenues

Monetize your commitment to clean energy and transform your solar power into revenue with Solar ME.

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Why Choose Solar Me as Your NJ SREC Aggregator?

When it comes to your NJ SREC program account, there are two options: self-management or professional assistance from an aggregator.

We Are Certified Solar Panel Installers
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  • Competitive Fee

    As with a mutual fund, there’s a fee that aggregators charge for professionally managing the fund. At Solar ME, our fee is 7%. You can compare that to our competitors like SRECTrade who increased their fees to 10% in 2023.

  • Extensive Industry Experience

    Like all things solar, we’ve been managing NJ SRECs for our New Jersey customers for quite some time now. And just like with everything we do, our customers’ satisfaction with our service speaks to the care and expertise with which we’ve navigated the NJ SREC market for them, ensuring they’ve gotten excellent returns on their solar investments.

  • Wide Service Area

    With a service area that extends across New Jersey, we're dedicated to making the benefits of SREC accessible and effective for everyone in the Garden State with affordable and responsible management.

Our SREC Management Process

  • Consultation

    At our first meeting, we’ll discuss your solar system and whether it qualifies for New Jersey solar credits and answer any questions you may have.

  • Registration in program

    Next, we’ll complete the necessary documents and send them to you via RightSignature to sign. We will submit this form to the state and confirm with you when the transfer is completed (generally between 2-4 weeks).

  • Monitoring & Management Setup

    At the same time, we will send your ACH document for completion detailing where you would like your monthly payments to be deposited. Once the paperwork is complete, our team will track your solar system’s energy production and provide regular reports.

  • Benefitting

    Solar ME sells SRECs on your behalf, and you earn cash. It’s as simple as that.

What Our Customers Think

  • 5

    It's been about a year and a half since I purchased my solar system from Solar Me and everything I was told was spot on. I received my full 30% federal tax credit, my SREC's are exactly as they were estimated and my system works perfectly. I haven't had an electric bill since I went on line. I'm a very satisfied customer and would highly recommend using Solar Me if you are thinking about getting a solar system.

    Gary Kelliher
  • 5

    From Start to finish, the design and installation was seamless. I researched several different companies before committing with Solar Me. The cost to do the install was actually less than the other estimates I received, but the deciding factor for me was the intelligence and integrity of the team I dealt with. I would have paid more to have a better experience, but fortunately I did not have to. My electricity bills have disappeared and I am making SREC income monthly. All this was also handled by Solar Me! I didn’t need to do a thing.

    anthony leska
  • 5

    There isn't a negative review out there for this company and the reason is that that they are a delight to work with. Everyone we had contact with, from the top down, was friendly, knowledgeable, professional and great at their jobs.
    We are having a blast watching the meter spin backwards, even when it's overcast and the A/C unit is cranking away!
    Update: We just got our first electric bill since the new meter was installed. It was $2.78, the same month last year we paid $115.00!  This was the easiest and best home improvement we've done. Now, we're looking forward to receiving our SREC deposits in our bank account. Couldn't be happier!

    Margaret Bordak

FAQs about Our SREC Management Services

  • What happens if my system underproduces?

    Solar ME manages your account, so if your system underperforms, we'll be alerted immediately. Unlike other solar companies in New Jersey, we contact you directly to diagnose the issue and return your system to optimal performance.

  • How do I switch to Solar ME as my aggregator?

    Simply let us know! Well, handle the paperwork - all you need to do is sign through RightSignature. Once done, we submit it to the state. The transfer typically takes between 2-4 weeks. Solar ME will also set up an ACH payment for your monthly deposits.

  • How does Solar ME help with an issue with my solar system's production?

    Solar ME actively monitors your monthly production. Therefore, if there are any discrepancies, we'll know and take swift action to restore your solar system to maximum performance.