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Premier New Jersey Roofing Company

At Solar Me, we're your dedicated partners in transforming and safeguarding your residential or commercial property. Why choose us? With expert craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and a commitment to excellence, we elevate the standard of roofing contractors across New Jersey to ensure every project reflects our dedication to durability, beauty, and customer satisfaction.

Solar Financing Options We Provide

  • Ownership / Cash Purchase

    • Higher Upfront Cost

      Purchasing a solar system requires a significant upfront investment.

    • Maintenance

      As the owner, you’ll be responsible for maintenance and repairs.

    • No Monthly Payments

      Once you’ve paid for the system, there are no monthly payments (other than any loan payments if you financed the purchase).

    • Ownership Benefits

      You can take advantage of government incentives, rebates, and tax credits. You may also increase the value of your home.

    • Energy Savings

      All the energy savings go directly to you, potentially offsetting the initial cost over time

    • Selling Your Home

      If you sell your home, the solar system is a selling point and may increase your home’s value.

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  • Best Option

    Solar Loan

    • Flexible Payment Options

      With financing choices ranging from cash payments to specialized solar loans from banks such as FiBank, there's a suitable option for various financial standings.

    • Swift Application Process

      The loan application is streamlined, often providing decisions in as quick as 30 seconds.

    • Adjustable Loan Terms

      Depending on your needs, loan terms span from 7 to 25 years, granting flexibility in repayment.

    • Varied Interest Rates

      The rates differ based on the term selected and potential contractor fees.

    • Full Ownership Benefits

      Despite financing, you fully own the solar system, making you eligible for government incentives, rebates, and tax credits.

    • Increase in Home Value

      As with outright purchases, the installation can enhance the value of your home, offering benefits should you decide to sell.

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  • Solar Lease /

    • Lower Upfront Cost

      Leasing often requires little to no upfront cost, making it more accessible for many people.

    • Maintenance

      The leasing company generally takes care of maintenance and repairs, which can be a significant advantage if any issues arise.

    • Fixed Monthly Payments

      You’ll pay a fixed monthly lease payment to the solar company.

    • No Ownership

      You won’t own the system; the leasing company does. This means you may not have the right to claim any government incentives or rebates.

    • Transfer of Lease

      If you sell your home, you’ll either have to pay off the lease or the new homeowner will have to agree to take over the lease.

    • Energy Rate Consistency

      With a lease, you often lock in a consistent energy rate, safeguarding against potential energy price hikes in your locality

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New Jersey's Premier Solar Roofing Solutions

Solar Me is your trusted partner for comprehensive solar roofing solutions in New Jersey. We specialize in new roof installations designed to seamlessly integrate with solar panel systems, ensuring your home is both energy-efficient and protected for years to come. Our expert team will guide you through every step of the process, from selecting the ideal roofing materials to ensuring optimal solar panel placement for maximum energy production.

GAF Timberline HDZ Shingles: Quality and Durability for Your New Jersey Home

We install top-of-the-line GAF Timberline HDZ shingles, renowned for their exceptional durability, wind resistance, and aesthetic appeal. These shingles are ideal for New Jersey homes, offering long-lasting protection against the elements while enhancing your home's curb appeal. Choose from a wide range of colors and styles to complement your home's architecture and create a stunning visual impact.

Expert Solar Roof Installations by GAF Certified Professionals

Our team of certified roofers possesses extensive experience in installing roofs optimized for solar panels. We ensure your new roof meets the highest quality standards and provides a secure and reliable foundation for your solar energy system. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, we guarantee a flawless installation that maximizes the performance and longevity of your solar roof.

Bundle Your Solar Panels and New Roof with $0 Down

Maximize your savings and simplify your transition to clean energy by bundling your new roof installation with a solar panel system. We offer $0 down financing options, making it easier than ever to invest in a sustainable future for your New Jersey home. Our bundled solutions provide a cost-effective and convenient way to enhance your home's value, reduce your carbon footprint, and enjoy long-term energy savings.

Free Roofing Inspection & Estimates

Before installing solar panels, it's crucial to ensure your roof is in optimal condition. We offer comprehensive roof inspections to identify any potential issues and provide expert roof repair services to ensure your roof is structurally sound and ready for solar. Our thorough inspections cover everything from shingle condition to flashing and ventilation, ensuring a secure foundation for your solar investment.

Comprehensive Solar Roof Maintenance Plans

Extend the lifespan of your roof and ensure its continued performance with our customized roof maintenance plans. We offer regular inspections, cleaning, and preventative maintenance services to identify and address minor issues before they escalate into costly repairs. Our proactive approach safeguards your investment and keeps your roof in peak condition year-round.

Solar & Roofing Tree Trimming Services

Overhanging branches can pose a threat to your roof's integrity and hinder your solar panels' efficiency. Our skilled tree trimming professionals safely remove overgrown branches, preventing potential damage to your roof and ensuring optimal sunlight exposure for your solar energy system.

Roofing Materials We Work With

  • Asphalt Shingles

    As one of the most popular roofing choices, asphalt shingles are versatile, durable, and affordable. We have a range of various colors and textures that allow for customization to suit your property's style. Beyond their aesthetic versatility, asphalt shingles are known for their ease of installation and repair, making them an ideal choice for fast-paced roofing projects and long-term maintenance ease.

Elevate Your Property with Solar Me

At Solar Me, we're committed to delivering roof repair & complete roof replacement services that protect, beautify, and enhance the value of your property. Partner with us to experience unparalleled craftsmanship, quality, and customer service.

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Why Choose Our New Jersey Roof Installation Company?

Selecting Solar Me for your roofing needs means choosing a family-owned business deeply rooted in New Jersey’s community. We embody a tradition of exceptional quality workmanship, unwavering customer satisfaction, and fair, competitive pricing.

Our foundation is built on a legacy of trust and expertise, setting us apart from the rest. We're not just one of many roofing companies; we’re dedicated local experts with years of experience, passionately committed to enhancing and protecting your residential or commercial properties.

We Are Certified Solar Panel Installers
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  • Affordable Rates

    We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality to ensure you get the best value for your roofing investment.

  • Simplified Process

    Our process is designed to be straightforward and stress-free, from the initial consultation to the final inspection.

  • Serving Your Area

    Dedicated to serving homeowners and businesses across New Jersey, our team is ready to address all your roofing needs, wherever you are.

Completed Roofing & Solar Projects

Solar Panel System Installation Project in Westfield, New Jersey

Solar Panel System Installation Project in Westfield, New Jersey

  • Manufacturer: HANWHA
  • Number of Panels: 21
  • Kilowatts: 7.14kW
  • Installation Date: 9/3/2020
Edison NJ Solar Panel System Installation Project

Edison NJ Solar Panel System Installation Project

  • Manufacturer: Hanwha
  • Number of Panels: 29
  • Kilowatts: 11.455kW
  • Installation Date: 05/16/2022
Keyport NJ Solar Panel System Installation Project

Keyport NJ Solar Panel System Installation Project

  • Manufacturer: Hanwha Q CELLS
  • Number of Panels: 29
  • Kilowatts: 10.44kW
  • Installation Date:  02/20/2019
Medford, New Jersey Solar Panel System Installation Project

Medford, New Jersey Solar Panel System Installation Project

  • Manufacturer: Q-PEAK ML-G10+
  • Number of Panels: 29
  • Kilowatts: 11.745kW
  • Installation Date: 11/1/2023
 Solar Panel Installation Project in Springfield, New Jersey

Solar Panel Installation Project in Springfield, New Jersey

  • Manufacturer: HANWAH
  • Number of Panels: 20
  • Kilowatts: 8kW
  • Installation Date: 3/3/2000
Green Brook Township, New Jersey Solar Panel System Installation Project

Green Brook Township, New Jersey Solar Panel System Installation Project

  • Manufacturer: REC ALPHA PURE
  • Number of Panels: 26
  • Kilowatts: 10.53kW
  • Installation Date: 9/27/2023
Atlantic Highlands NJ Solar Panel System Installation Project

Atlantic Highlands NJ Solar Panel System Installation Project

  • Manufacturer: Hanwha Q CELLS G10
  • Number of Panels: 44
  • Kilowatts: 15.84kW
  • Installation Date: 12/20/2022
  • Time of Installation: 2 days

Our Process

  • Consultation

    A detailed discussion to understand your roofing needs and preferences, and to provide an accurate estimate.

  • Planning

    Tailoring a roofing solution that meets your specific requirements, while ensuring optimal functionality and aesthetics.

  • Execution

    Our experienced team carries out each roofing project with precision, always adhering to the highest standards of safety and quality.

  • Final Inspection

    A thorough inspection following installation or repair, ensuring everything is completed to your satisfaction and our high standards.

Our Customers Reviews

  • 5

    It's been about a year and a half since I purchased my solar system from Solar Me and everything I was told was spot on. I received my full 30% federal tax credit, my SREC's are exactly as they were estimated and my system works perfectly. I haven't had an electric bill since I went on line. I'm a very satisfied customer and would highly recommend using Solar Me if you are thinking about getting a solar system.

    Gary Kelliher
  • 5

    From Start to finish, the design and installation was seamless. I researched several different companies before committing with Solar Me. The cost to do the install was actually less than the other estimates I received, but the deciding factor for me was the intelligence and integrity of the team I dealt with. I would have paid more to have a better experience, but fortunately I did not have to. My electricity bills have disappeared and I am making SREC income monthly. All this was also handled by Solar Me! I didn’t need to do a thing.

    anthony leska
  • 5

    There isn't a negative review out there for this company and the reason is that that they are a delight to work with. Everyone we had contact with, from the top down, was friendly, knowledgeable, professional and great at their jobs.
    We are having a blast watching the meter spin backwards, even when it's overcast and the A/C unit is cranking away!
    Update: We just got our first electric bill since the new meter was installed. It was $2.78, the same month last year we paid $115.00!  This was the easiest and best home improvement we've done. Now, we're looking forward to receiving our SREC deposits in our bank account. Couldn't be happier!

    Margaret Bordak


  • What is the estimated timeline for completing a standard roof installation project?

    The duration of a standard roof installation varies based on several factors, including the size of the roof, the type of materials selected, and weather conditions. Typically, an installation can take anywhere from one to three days for most residential properties. We strive to minimize disruption and complete the project efficiently, without compromising on quality. Our team will always provide you with an updated timeline when we have more details on your project.

  • Is there a warranty on our roofing services?

    At Solar Me, we stand behind our work with robust warranties to give our customers peace of mind. Our material warranties vary depending on the roofing products selected, with some manufacturers offering warranties that last up to 50 years. Additionally, we offer a workmanship warranty that covers the installation quality for a specified period. During your consultation, we'll provide detailed information about the warranties applicable to your project.

  • How often do I need professional roof inspections?

    To maintain the integrity and longevity of your roof, Solar Me recommends professional inspections at least once every two years. We also recommend scheduling an inspection after significant weather events, such as heavy storms, snowfalls, or hail, which can cause unseen damage. Regular inspections can identify potential issues early, preventing costly repairs down the line and ensuring your roof continues to protect your home effectively.